Dong Xuan Centre, Lichtenberg

by Helen For those of you who want to experience a bit of Asia in Berlin or simply have yellow fever* then visit the Dong Xuan Centre. Buried in sad face Lichtenberg in East Berlin, the DXC is four huge halls in the middle of a ocean of mud and concrete offering you numerous Asian … Continue reading

Mexican @ Santa Maria Mexican Diner

by Helen So yo think yo are some type of gangster? Well obviously the best type of gangster to be is the American kind (they are the most romanticised) or the Melbourne kind (they get their own TV show) but the third best would be a Mexican gangster. Because, apart from all the drug running … Continue reading

Fancy a Cuppa? Hudsons Cakes, Kreuzberg

by Helen You’ve got to love a good stereotype: Berliners are all unemployed artists and hipsters (yes and mostly yes), Americans speak too loudly (depends), Australians are always drunk and backpacking (errr…yes), Scandinavians are good looking and well dressed (definitely yes) and the Brits, well, they’re snobby, emotionally distant and can’t cook. Though very funny, … Continue reading

Yum Cha Yourself @ Yum Cha Heroes, Mitte

  by Helen Y-U-M  C-H-A. Come on, say it out loud Berliners/other Europeans oblivious to the delicious delights of Yum Cha (or Dim Sum as it’s also known). The relates to the tea drinking you do while eating yum cha, but the best bit is the actual eating. More often than not Yum Cha is … Continue reading

The Battle of the Vietnamese (Hamy & Monsieur Vuong)

by Helen Don’t mention the war! Which one you may ask? Well…not the obvious one (duh). But one war we can mention in Berlin is the Battle of the Vietnamese Restaurants. The two contenders are: Hamy (or Hamy’s) in Neukölln and Monsieur Vuong in Mitte. You’ve probably been to both and if not then go. The question … Continue reading

Michelberger Hotel (Cafe/Bar)

by Helen Now that everyone is over their Christmas Sickness (perhaps the body’s adverse reaction to leaving Berlin?) we can bloody well get on with 2011. While we’re once again battling through some weird Berlin weather there is one place to seek refuge: the cafe and bar at Michelberger Hotel. You may recognise it when … Continue reading


Fuchsbau by Helen “Wanna fuch?” “No way! Fuch you.” “Come on! A weekend morning, nice and comfortable, we’ll both be satisfied…plus it’s cheap”. Oops no, not that type of fuch (keep your mind out of the gutter!). Fuchsbau is a Kreuzberg cafe/bar that is a great place for a weekend brunch, everyday coffee or alcoholic … Continue reading

Viet Bruchreis

Viet Bruchreis By Helen Your Vietnamese grandmother is in the kitchen. Your smiling uncle is asking you what you want to eat and drink. You ask him to sit down and stop fussing over you. He gives you a strange look and it’s deserved because, well, he isn’t your uncle and your fake Vietnamese is … Continue reading

Nil – Sudanesischer Imbiss

Sudan. It’s pretty effing far away from Germany. Many miles in fact. However Nil, the Sudanese Imbiss at Schlesisches Tor, is only about 10 steps from the U-bahn exit. Yes! There you will find yourself salivating at the well priced food on offer. Ok, so the kitchen looks very much like the one you find … Continue reading