Gallery Weekend Berlin April 29-May 1

by Helen Get ready for a big weekend Berliners! With 44 participating galleries and 44 openings, there’s bound to be a gallery + party to suit everyone’s tastes at the Gallery Weekend Berlin, starting tonight! All details, including gallery map, program, artist listing and other information available at

Who can say no, to James Franco? (The Dangerous Book Four Boys, Berlin)

please note the sweet ass hipster at 1:04 by Helen Seriously James, how much of an overachiever do you want to be? Actor (Freaks and Geeks, Milk), author, PhD student in English Lit at Yale, occasional Oscar Awards presenter and now artist. Nicht schlecht. Anyway, James Franco’s first ever gallery show is taking place in … Continue reading

HOLYWOOD – Tiergarten

by Rita Braz If by any instance you’re close by Tiergarten these next couple of days, make sure you rush into Holywood. If you do, make sure you do it by night and give it a chance to cold fresh wood air. No, we apologize for the possible desilusion, but it’s not about a new … Continue reading

Exhibition Pre-/De- Form Me

by Rita Braz After the previews exhibitions in Kaleidoskop’s cosy nest down in Neukölln, it’s time for a different location to take time and show more and more inspiring artists. As a temporary collaboration, it was in Prenzlauer Berg that Kaleidoskop found the best location to exhibit this new concept and artists. Pre-/De- Form Me … Continue reading

Kaleidoskop – Artforum/Showroom

Kaleidoskop – Artforum/Showroom by Rita Braz Are you in need of a fresh look on art? Than get your ass down to Neukölln where the blossoming art scene is more present than some might expect. There you’ll find. among many others, Kaleidoskop, an artforum/ showroom providing a fresh take on the Berlin art since November 2009. ocated in the heart of Neukölln, between … Continue reading

Preview Berlin – The Emerging Art Fair

Preview Berlin – The Emerging Art Fair by Rita Braz The last couple of days could easily be called an Art-Marathon-Weekend when thinking about all the possible events lucky Berlin residents could have attended. One of the most publicized events was Preview Berlin lasting 3 glorious days from October 8th–10th. The show, held at Tempelhof, … Continue reading