You want to know the best of Berlin. We’re here for you.

Rummage is for people with busy lives and shit to do. For those who live creativity, have taste and pull off style that others would kill for.

Short. And. To. The. Point.

We’re not objective and we’re not fair. We know exactly what you want because we ARE you.

RUMMAGE IST BERLIN…panning the city for gold!

Let us sort through the crap and present only the finest art, music, food, booze, people and culture of Berlin for you.

Rita Braz – Lisbon, Portugal
Helen L – Melbourne, Australia
Diana Rapp – Bali, Indonesia

One Response to “About”
  1. Just discovered your cool Berlin blog. As Berliner, foodie and networker I’d like to invite you to participate in Berlin Food Info. It is a culinary map to Berlin, where Berlin’s food-affine bloggers may share their highly recommendable finds. The map is intended to give orientation in the culinary jungle, but also as a means to connenct and support local blog(ger)s.
    If you like the idea, just send me a note…

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