Fancy a Cuppa? Hudsons Cakes, Kreuzberg

by Helen You’ve got to love a good stereotype: Berliners are all unemployed artists and hipsters (yes and mostly yes), Americans speak too loudly (depends), Australians are always drunk and backpacking (errr…yes), Scandinavians are good looking and well dressed (definitely yes) and the Brits, well, they’re snobby, emotionally distant and can’t cook. Though very funny, … Continue reading

Yum Cha Yourself @ Yum Cha Heroes, Mitte

  by Helen Y-U-M  C-H-A. Come on, say it out loud Berliners/other Europeans oblivious to the delicious delights of Yum Cha (or Dim Sum as it’s also known). The relates to the tea drinking you do while eating yum cha, but the best bit is the actual eating. More often than not Yum Cha is … Continue reading

Darwin Deez Rocks Your World, 11 March in Astra

by Helen You’ve got to LOVE the way that dude dances “Darrrrwwwwinnn! Come down out of that tree already!” Can’t you imagine Darwin’s mum yelling that out to him as a kid? Or maybe it was “Darrrrwwwwinnn! Come down from outer space already!”…ahem, have you seen the clip for Radar Detector? (see above) And if … Continue reading

Adrian Parvulescu – photography

Photos & copy by Rita Braz We met Adrian Parvulescu for the first time some months ago, when he started to work on his personal website. In a sunny-by-the-river-place somewhere in Kreuzkölln, we met Adrian with a cafè au lait and tried to find out more about him. Adrian is 25 years old and was … Continue reading

Who can say no, to James Franco? (The Dangerous Book Four Boys, Berlin)

please note the sweet ass hipster at 1:04 by Helen Seriously James, how much of an overachiever do you want to be? Actor (Freaks and Geeks, Milk), author, PhD student in English Lit at Yale, occasional Oscar Awards presenter and now artist. Nicht schlecht. Anyway, James Franco’s first ever gallery show is taking place in … Continue reading