Cloud Control at Lido (Karrera Club), 26 Feb

by Helen Let’s play that word association game! When we say ‘clouds’ you think: rain, grey skies, swirling snow, -17 degrees and an arctic wind blowing through Hermannplatz. When we say ‘Cloud Control’ you think: walking in the wilderness, freedom, irresistible indie folk pop, sweet harmonies and a dreamy distraction from the two bums arguing … Continue reading

Love is in the Berlin Air (Berlinale for film nerds)

by Sidsel Baggesgaard Seeberg And here we’re not just talking about Valentine’s Day. Yes this is the last week of the Berlinale, but it’s more than just what’s going on at Potsdamer Platz. The film nerds are awakening all over town, indulging in the fact that the film eyes of the world are right now … Continue reading

FREE: We Have Band + Yuksek + Jägermeister Wirtshaustour

watch this video! Music starts at 0:50 by Helen A FREE concert you say? And the possibility of FREE shots of that herbalicious liquor?Well buy yourself a Club Mate to mix with and get on it! The free show is being put on by Jägermeister (which literally translates to ‘professional hunter’ in German) and Motor … Continue reading

Feeling Gloomy (Anti-Valentines Day Special), Sat Feb 12th

by Helen Sometimes real life isn’t like the movies. Take, for example, Valentines Day. If you’re attached and a girl, your boyfriend will probably fail at organising the magical night you and numerous romantic comedies expect. For a guy…no she won’t do that, you only get that on your birthday. And if you’re single, well … Continue reading

BERLINALE 2011! 10-20 February

  It’s time for one of the greatest events on the Berlin calendar. It will be a time of stars, with Colin ‘Mr Darcy’ Firth, Jeff ‘Grumpy’ Bridges and Diane ‘Babe’ Kruger all expected. It will also be a time, like any normal film screening, of shushing people when they rustle their chip packets too … Continue reading

HOLYWOOD – Tiergarten

by Rita Braz If by any instance you’re close by Tiergarten these next couple of days, make sure you rush into Holywood. If you do, make sure you do it by night and give it a chance to cold fresh wood air. No, we apologize for the possible desilusion, but it’s not about a new … Continue reading