The Battle of the Vietnamese (Hamy & Monsieur Vuong)

by Helen Don’t mention the war! Which one you may ask? Well…not the obvious one (duh). But one war we can mention in Berlin is the Battle of the Vietnamese Restaurants. The two contenders are: Hamy (or Hamy’s) in Neukölln and Monsieur Vuong in Mitte. You’ve probably been to both and if not then go. The question … Continue reading

Exhibition Pre-/De- Form Me

by Rita Braz After the previews exhibitions in Kaleidoskop’s cosy nest down in Neukölln, it’s time for a different location to take time and show more and more inspiring artists. As a temporary collaboration, it was in Prenzlauer Berg that Kaleidoskop found the best location to exhibit this new concept and artists. Pre-/De- Form Me … Continue reading

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Crystal Fighters, Minaarrs @ Magnet

by Helen If you don’t already have a hot Neukölln date-but-not-a-date-berlin-style-thing planned, a DVD rented out or an aim to get frostbite, get on out to Magnet Club tonight for some good old fashioned music music dance dance. We give a totally massive big thumbs up for Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Crystal Fighters and Minnaars … Continue reading

Soma at Hamburger Bahnhof

by Helen Ok, sorry this is late. Really late. But no matter. If you haven’t already been you must get on over to Hamburger Bahnhof and see the Carsten Hoeller ‘Soma’ exhibition. Picture this: 12 castrated reindeer walking around inside the gallery high from eating poisonous Amatina mushrooms (plus 24 canaries, 8 mice and 2 … Continue reading

Michelberger Hotel (Cafe/Bar)

by Helen Now that everyone is over their Christmas Sickness (perhaps the body’s adverse reaction to leaving Berlin?) we can bloody well get on with 2011. While we’re once again battling through some weird Berlin weather there is one place to seek refuge: the cafe and bar at Michelberger Hotel. You may recognise it when … Continue reading