Foals at Kesselhaus, 30th Nov

spine tiiiingling by Helen This isn’t going to be a long post. If you know and like Foals you’ll already be going to this gig. Foals are sometimes described as ‘math rock’. Umm…what? I think that relates back to the fact that they are/were nerds. Well some of them studied at Oxford but dropped out … Continue reading

Berlin Street Style

On the street: Katja Hentschel  Photographer of – in Kastanienallee Photo by Alina Rudya

Virginia Garfunkel – MOLOCH & ADVENTURELAND

Virginia Garfunkel shows in her Exhibition MOLOCH & ADVENTURELAND, 13 photographic works about the phenomenon of the Metropolis. Metropolis as both chance and risk, place of dreams and neurosis, possibility to withdraw but also to communicate, Moloch and Adventureland… She focuses on the complex dimensions of modern cities and the role of Man in them. She reflects the … Continue reading

JahofYork in “Made In Berlin” The Show

  JahofYork was born on December 31st 1983, a New Year’s Eve baby born and raised in the Bronx, New York. Some members of his family were involved in the music industry in New York and started performing at age 12, breaking hearts all over the city with his voice. JahofYork then decided to move … Continue reading

Berlin Street Style

On the street: Axum, Schönhauser Allee New photographer for Rummage ist Berlin, Alina Rudya.

The Drums in Berlin, Sunday 21st Nov

by Helen If this band were a person you would want to SEX he/she/it. This is because the Drums offer everything that you would want in a life partner. First of all they would be your ‘Best Friend’, fun and outdoorsy (as in ‘Let’s Go Surfing’) and also kind and open, telling you constantly ‘You’re … Continue reading

Banksy at Babylon

by Helen Banksy. Over-hyped sell out or creative genius? Who cares? He’s pretty entertaining. Plus how often do you get to see grown men with hoodies covering their faces and distorted voices…before 4am?Anyway love him or hate him, you should see his new doco/movie ‘Bansky: Exit Through the Gift Shop’. Kids in the land of … Continue reading

Electronic Beats Festival (Roisin Murphy, The Human League, Delphic)

by Helen Roisin Murphy is one crazy-hot-musical-genius-babe. She turns a diner into a dancefloor in her clip for ‘Let Me Know’ and rocks clothes that would look ridiculous on anyone else. Carrie Bradshaw looks like a foot compared to Roisin. A foot. You might know Roisin from Moloko but tomorrow night you can see her … Continue reading