Preview Berlin – The Emerging Art Fair

Preview Berlin – The Emerging Art Fair

by Rita Braz

The last couple of days could easily be called an Art-Marathon-Weekend when thinking about all the possible events lucky Berlin residents could have attended. One of the most publicized events was Preview Berlin lasting 3 glorious days from October 8th10th. The show, held at Tempelhof, attracted all characters of the art world. First off there were the people with cash to spend. The affair between art and money was clear for all to see and sometimes blocked the actual art viewing itself. On the other hand people were there to be inspired by the art. Visitors came face to face with new influences, styles and artists from all over the world. Some managed to stop themselves from passing out with all the overwhelming creations on hand. Those who did could look closely, admire and even buy actual pieces if you had enough zeros in your bank account.

Preview Berlin brought together 55 art galleries featuring artists from all over the world with works ranging from sculpture, painting, illustation, photography to video and installation. German artists obviously had the biggest presence though artists from Italy, Spain, United Kingdom or Switzerland were also prominent. Props to Jarmuschek + Partner, an inspiring gallery based in Berlin, who Rummage ist Berlin may just have a massive crush on.

Flughafen Berlin Tempelhof

October 8th-10th, 2010

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