Berlin requirements – A Rummage advice

A Rummage advice

by Rita Braz

Grab your bike; go to streets you’ve never been before. A map is often useful, in case you can’t afford a brand-new-fancy-cellphone-with-GPS. Do not forget a warm jacket – and I mean a real warm jacket, not one of those southern warm jackets. Choose an ornamental helmet and your best flew market sunglasses – more than the sun, the cold wind can make you blind in 4,2 seconds. Yell those two little words you first learn in German to all of those who try to run over you with their not-that-fancy-cars. Above all, keep your eyes open; Berlin has new surprises in every corner, sidewalk or building wall. Smile every time you find one little breathtaking surprise, if at least you didn’t forget your camera.


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