Spinning in the laps of time

Spinning in the laps of time. Illustration by Rita Braz to submit work please send it to rummageistberlin@gmail.com

Passenger Espresso

Passenger Espresso by Helen A New Zealander and a German walk into a cafe space in Kreuzberg. One says to the other, ‘let’s make amazing coffee here’. The other agrees and responds ‘let’s make it so cute that customers squeal when they see it’. And squeal they do, very loudly, disrupting the more subdued male … Continue reading

“A Couple” by Sidsel Seeberg and Julie Budtz

“A Couple” Dear Berliners, you will not want to miss the Premiere of “A Couple” next Thursday. It is a 9 minutes short film by Sidsel Seeberg and Julie Budtz, a film about powerplay and miscommunication, and about acknowledging when something is lost. The short film features Iben, a woman whose secluded life in the … Continue reading

Rummage ist Berlin at Nylon Mag

http://nylonmag.com/nylonblogs/blog/2010/10/19/tag-astro-turf/ Thank you Rob!

Party Animal knows best

We meet Rob Strutt at laid back café in Neukölln one afternoon. Actually the day is not exactly Rob’s favorite time of the day. Better is nighttime where he can continue his research on the best clubs in the world for his project ‘Strutt10Global’. His aim is to party for 10 Weeks in 10 cities … Continue reading

Kaleidoskop – Artforum/Showroom

Kaleidoskop – Artforum/Showroom by Rita Braz Are you in need of a fresh look on art? Than get your ass down to Neukölln where the blossoming art scene is more present than some might expect. There you’ll find. among many others, Kaleidoskop, an artforum/ showroom providing a fresh take on the Berlin art since November 2009. ocated in the heart of Neukölln, between … Continue reading

Turkish Market series

Every Tuesday & Friday. We can’t get enough of it. Maybachufer, Kreuzberg. Turkish market series by Rita Braz & Canon AE-1.

Preview Berlin – The Emerging Art Fair

Preview Berlin – The Emerging Art Fair by Rita Braz The last couple of days could easily be called an Art-Marathon-Weekend when thinking about all the possible events lucky Berlin residents could have attended. One of the most publicized events was Preview Berlin lasting 3 glorious days from October 8th–10th. The show, held at Tempelhof, … Continue reading


Fuchsbau by Helen “Wanna fuch?” “No way! Fuch you.” “Come on! A weekend morning, nice and comfortable, we’ll both be satisfied…plus it’s cheap”. Oops no, not that type of fuch (keep your mind out of the gutter!). Fuchsbau is a Kreuzberg cafe/bar that is a great place for a weekend brunch, everyday coffee or alcoholic … Continue reading

Berlin requirements – A Rummage advice

A Rummage advice by Rita Braz Grab your bike; go to streets you’ve never been before. A map is often useful, in case you can’t afford a brand-new-fancy-cellphone-with-GPS. Do not forget a warm jacket – and I mean a real warm jacket, not one of those southern warm jackets. Choose an ornamental helmet and your … Continue reading